Custom Uniforms and Apparel

Bandwagon is here to provide your team with the best uniforms, equipment, and accessories.  With the top brands available, Bandwagon Sports will ensure that your players and coaches are equipped from head to toe.  We’ll work with you on custom designs and handle all screen printing and embroidery to give your team the very best in look and comfort.

In addition to uniforms and apparel, Bandwagon also serves you with top-of-the-line equipment including bats, gloves, balls, and protective/training gear.  Through our team sales process and, we guarantee the best and most knowledgeable service.  

Our team at Bandwagon is here to provide you the best quality in uniforms and apparel while making the selection process as streamlined and efficient as possible.  Please reach out to us today to set up your first order. 

You can contact us at

To start the process, complete the form below. This is just a starting point, and your information does not have to be finalized before submitting the form. A member of our team will contact you with next steps. We handle all production from start to finish to make the process smooth and practical for you.

If you’re not associated with a team but are looking for custom apparel, complete the form and we’ll let you know how we can work with you to accomplish your apparel goals.

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From equipment and uniforms to apparel and gear, we’ve got what you need to play your sport and show your school pride!


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Locally owned and operated, Bandwagon brings you classic sporting goods with a modern look and excellent experience.